Immerse yourself in a 2 or 4 Day Firearms Training Course at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and become "Unconsciously Competent"!

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Student must be able to pass a background check.  Student assumes the risk and holds Duty-Bound harmless if unable to attend.

Darin & Mary's Testimonial

Ananda Before and After 2 days of Training

During the 4-Day Defensive Handgun course you will learn how to draw your weapon from concealment and deliver 2 rounds to the thoracic cavity of one adversary at 15 feet in 1.5 sec!

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Student must be able to pass a background check.  Student assumes the risk and holds Duty-Bound harmless if unable to attend.
How do you STOP a shooting spree in 6 seconds flat?

* Watch This Special Limited Video.  WARNING may be upsetting to some viewers * 



Duty-Bound is Authorized by Front Sight Firearms Training Institute to Transfer Front Sight Training Courses for a donation to Duty-Bound

Actually, from the first shot fired to the last shot was 

2.24 Seconds! 

Thanks to Jack Wilson and his training as you hear him say in the video.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families impacted by the two people killed at The Freeway Church of Christ in Fort Worth TX.  
Our thanks to Jack for his bravery and willingness to defend innocent people and his understanding that the 2nd Amendment is NOT just a Right but a Responsibility, to be trained and ready should evil 
show up at the door. 

Duty-Bound is authorized to transfer Front Sight courses in exchange for donations to Duty Bound. By doing this, you save 50% off the Front Sight retail price of 

$1,000 per course (2-Day) 
$2,000 per course (4-day).

The course(s) you select will be credited to your Front Sight account. You will be able to register for and take them when you are ready. They will not expire. Front Sight has an extensive listing of courses and dates to select from. (Note: Front Sight requires a $50 background check fee.)

The courses available through the Duty-Bound program are: Two and Four-Day Defensive Handgun, Practical Rifle and Tactical Shotgun.

Steps to complete the process:
1. Submit your name and email address in the form on this page.
2. Select the training that is right for you and check out.
3. Set up a free account on the Front Sight website.
4. Activate account by responding the email Front Sight sends you.
5. Send Duty Bound the Log-in ID you created for your Front Sight account
6. Duty Bound will transfer the courses you selected to your Front Sight account.

In the wake of the Church Shooting in Fort Worth we know that the answer to protecting our churches, schools and homes is not just a good guy with a gun.  It's a TRAINED good guy with a gun!  

We also, know statistically that once you EXPERIENCE Front Sight you will want more!  The most common thing we hear from students after training is "I didn't realize how much I didn't know."  The second most common refrain is "I have to come back!".  

If you are a part of a church security team, a teacher or just somebody that wants to protect your family and loved ones sign up today and take advantage of our steep 50% off discount so you will have to peace of mind that you CAN protect the ones you love should that day come.

Q&A for Firearms Training at Front Sight in Pahrump, NV

Background Check: Everyone must pass a background check to be able to participate. Front Sight charges $50 for a background check.
Rental Guns and Equipment: You can of course (and I recommend) bring your own guns. I have flown with both handguns and rifles (I must tell you I wasn’t sure how things were going to work out the first time I walked into SeaTac Airport with my 308 the way we have all been conditioned by the media.) It’s really no big deal and I can walk you through the process here: There are some restrictions on the smaller guns and holsters as well as no handloaded ammo so check FS website.
Firearms instruction will be conducted by Front Sight’s world class instructors. You will NOT encounter any bootcamp mentality here. They treat you like the customer and spend extra time with anyone that needs it. (The spend about 30 min with my wife who was having trouble racking the slide until she got it.) She was afraid to even touch a gun before we went. After the class she stated that she felt she could handle any situation at home even if I were not there. It is family oriented unlike some gun schools out there. They will train youth 11 years and up with a parent present.
The goal of the Defensive Handgun course is to get each student at the end for 4 days to be able to present a handgun from concealment and fire 2 rounds to the center of the thoracic cavity from 5 yards in under 1.5 seconds. This is very achievable by the average student. The true value of 4 days dedicated training away from distractions is that you reduce all of the knowledge to muscle memory so that your BODY knows how to run the gun without THINKING about where the safety is for example. Most gunfights are over in under 3 seconds and at close range in less than optimal lighting. In a defensive situation it takes at least one second to evaluate the threat. Fractions of a second count.
Front Sight is located in Pahrump Nevada about 50 minutes west of Las Vegas.  There is also a location in Nikiski AK (summer only)  Front Sight is the nation’s largest and most successful self-defense training facility, with over 50,000 students attending their programs every year. For the ladies YES they have clean bathrooms near the main building and porta-potties at each range. There is also a shaded area at each range with chairs to sit in. I will be warm so you will want to stay hydrated and take a break if you feel you are getting over heated. It’s a dry heat though and I find it enjoyable most of the year. Nice to see the sun after months of overcast and rain in WA!
Hours for the class are:
Day 1 7AM – 5PM
Day 2 8AM – 5PM
Day 3 8AM – 5PM
Day 4 8AM – 5PM
What you will Learn on the Range:
• The Four Universal Firearms Safety Rules
• Loading and unloading procedures
• Know the condition of your Weapon by checking before and after loading and unloading.
• Fundamentals of defensive marksmanship
• Proper grip, stance and safe ready positions
• Balancing Speed and Accuracty to get “Combat Effective Hits”
• After action awareness of your environment
• The importance of ammunition management (always reload with a full mag during a lul in a gun fight)
• The Five Levels of Competence
• Developing the mental awareness to Win or avoid (the Best Gunfight is the one avoided!) a lethal encounter known as having a “Combat Mindset”
• Justifiation for the use of deadly force
• How to perform Dry Practice in a safe and Effective manner
What you will learn in the classroom:
• The Law, both Criminal and Civil, regarding deadly force.
• What to expect after a lethal encounter
• What to do and NOT to do when the police arrive
• Why following the 4 universal safety rules must be followed
• What was the original intent of the 2nd Amendment and how is it being upheld or ignored today

It cannot be overstated that 4 days of immersion in Firearms Training will give you the "Muscle Memory" you need to win in a gun fight!

The times in which we find ourselves in 2021 and beyond requires every responsible American to have the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones.  Americans are not stupid, that's why we have more than Seven Million new gun owners this year and bought more firearms on Black Friday to field another branch of the military.  Part of being a responsible gun owner is making the decision to get trained to not only have the ability to protect our loved ones but to guard against preventable tragedy from a negligent discharge.


Student must be able to pass a background check.  Student assumes the risk and holds Duty-Bound harmless if unable to attend.
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